In Two Worlds there's many different raw materials that the hero can be strengthened by or make his resistance better. Rare ingredients added offer even the possibility of a combined value increase. Below is a temporary list.
Note: With the release of patches some of the ingredients might change values and effects.

Strength+ 1Saffron
Dexterity+ 1Centaurium
 + 1Fox liver
Magic+ 1Ghoul brain
 + 1Northern Frostroot
Mana+ 10Lavendeler
Mana+ 50Winged Demon Eye


Protection from heat+ 10Rubin
 + 5Blood stone
Protection from cold+ 10Azurit
 + 5Sand rose
Protection from electricity
+ 10Amber

 Quartz crystal
 + 5Glowing earth
Protection from physical damage+ 10Salt crystals
 + 5Byrill

Combined Items
Dragon scale+ 100Protection from phy. da.
 + 100Protection from cold
 + 100Protection from heat
 + 100Protection from elec.
Diamant+ 10Protection from phy. da.
 + 10Protection from cold
 + 10Protection from heat
 + 10Protection from elec.

Throglin's Power+ 1Strength
 + 1 Dexterity
Dwarwen Elixir+ 2Vitality points
The Power of Bears+ 1Strength
Red Fox Balsam+ 1Dexterity
Blood of the Evil+ 2Vitality points
 + 1Dexterity
 + 1Strength

- Work in progress -