The winners of our competition have been chosen. Below are the winners. The order of which the winners have been listed on this page is not of importance. They are equal winenrs.


Title: Knight

It is a small figure approx. 15 cm high and made out of plastic and metal. Time spent on creating it is around 5 days. The gloves have afterwards been edited.

Julie Pyridin

Title: Spider

Julie Pyridin had a hunting spider from modelling mass created. The body of the spider consists of two parts and the legs of three parts that later had been put together. Finally, after everything had dried the spider was painted with acryl painting.
The surroundings of the spider were later created. To this an empty shoe cardboard was helpful


Title: Blue Lady

Description by the artist:

I had been inspired by a woman in the game. The picture is somewhat bigger than A4 paper and it has been drawn with water color (Aquarel).