The elves and her land
Written by Cyrcle   
Saturday, 31 January 2009

A lot has not become known up to now about the elves and the elf's land. None this was still sighted mysteriously being. Therefore, no portrait of these species is still in the circulation. Now at least an architecture example became known. Now after an outline about chapel ruins of the elves an exact picture of these chapel remains has appeared.

The filigree technology of the elves-broads architecture is to be seen in full splendour. Until we can enter this elf's land, some time will pass by in game "Two Worlds: The Temptation". The determining keys for the approach to this region{area} must be found in the wild centre of Hatmandor. Only if we have managed this, we can devote ourselves to the secrets and the magic of the elves.


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