Written by Cyrcle   
Saturday, 31 January 2009

The world of the dragons is varied in Antaloor. Would be reminded of the famous white dragon of Drak'ar and the wild dragons enslaved by him. The Orks allowed to protect their capital GorGammar of lava dragon. Who has doneto himself the trouble and has investigated the island of Ashos, that could hunt funny minidragons. The strongest specimen of these species was to be found in the sphere by Gandohars fortress, a stone dragon. Has met to us this monster from stone if we have ventured on something to far back in the environs in the approach of the fortress.

In the new world of Temptation the dragons will not be any more only the ornamental ingredient which their bulky available hitpoints deliver well to the hero. The dragons will fight side by side with the Orks, as powerful allies of the Orks. In the early phase of game we will already get to act with a leader of these species, a dragon's queen. Her rooms are to be seen here in a picture. And in these rooms we will arrange this dragon's monarch and fight. We will be condemned to the victory, we want to penetrate into ourselves up to now concealed worlds.

The dragons in "Two Worlds" were partially still rather coarse. Especially with the stone and lava dragons the worry was already right whether the stone and lava lumps from which the body of these fable beings was built upalso hold together really on a continuing basis. We will not have to have this worry with the splendour copies which will meet us in Two Worlds: The Temptation. Here the worry will torment us rather as we want to exist in the battle without losing our own limbs


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