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Saturday, 31 January 2009

The skill "sailing" will be one of the highlights for Two Worlds: The Temptation. Only about a Quest we will come to the possession of a sail boat (probably  a small one). Then nothing more holds us from the sailings. Then on high sea we are confronted with all adversities which the yachtsman's life has to offer:

· storms
· surf
· fog banks

Everything will exist to do the life in the water so hard to a confirmed landlubber as possible. It is steered with the tiller, as long as it then winds also want so. In the winds we must straighten the sails, so that we arrive our purpose also fully speed.

Port Antaloor

We do not want to be only a leisure captain of course. With such a little ship can be smuggled splendidly. And so that we not always are on the move only by our little beginner's ship, can be acquired of course in the course of the time improves, faster and more spacious sloops.

Because to smuggling, but also the hunt for smugglers with risks is connected, we can also defend ourselves from board of our ships. The fight from a boat is possible and also necessary. Who wants to be boarded already with pleasure.

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