The new monsters
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Monday, 02 February 2009

The honourable and courageous scouts who travel around the new areas Antaloors for us have already sighted a whole row of new monsters. For the most part outlines of these creatures could be made. These scouts are of course no fighters, therefore, still no statements which can be met to these new dangers best of all are to us. However, our heroes will be ready for it if, finally new Antaloor is opened to be explored by us.

Gargoyle beach monster
A genuine Gargoyle has just landed in the "Two Worlds" universe. These Monsters are reminiscent of the Hell Lords - they're just a little smaller -but that doesn't mean that they're less dangerous! And... Wait for it... this species can actually fly!! A few strong wing beats will carry them above the heads of their opponents to dive-attack from above - and that is truly a deadly combination... an aerial attack, with razor-sharp claws and a powerful bite... phew!! _
Maybe one or two of you already remember this monster? I included a small screenshot of it a few issues back – anyway I thought it was high time you all got familiar with this weird creature. As you can see, it's a crablike beach monster with a reptilian head – and it’s going to be an important element of the new jungle world that's going to be part of the world of The Temptation. You already know the Trachidis… well, this beast has a really tough outer skin as well – and with its mouthful of razor-sharp teeth, it's not exactly a monster you should underestimate! Thanks to its habitat, it won't shy away from water – and that will also play a major role in one of the new gameplay features
Hunter Bug
We featured a screenshot of this monster for you a few weeks back, remember? Well, the latest news on this one is that the developers have redesigned it. It now possesses a savagely impressive bite and more powerful muscles for its legs and shoulders. So they've made this one even more compact and dangerous! These monsters are cunning too – hunting mostly in packs, they’ll attack you from all sides. OK? Oh, yeah, now add blinding speed to this impressive mix and if you come across a pack of them, you have a problem. And that even applies to the very well-armed heroes among you! OK, bugs aren't good company at the best of times, but their small size makes them pretty harmless.... but what happens if they grow as big as wolves and race towards you in a slavering pack? Maybe it's time to revise your opinion of these creatures.... and fast, too! If you really fancy getting a closer look at these super bugs (might not be a clever move on your part), just enter the world of The Temptation – they’ll be waiting for you in the dry Savannah regions. They’re well-protected  by a thorny armored skin and use their curved tails to stab you faster than you can blink – like scorpions…ugh
Ghost Boss
ESP (extra sensory perception) also plays an important role in “The Temptation” - but what fascinates you as players translates into a heck of a lot of work for Reality Pump‘s creativity department! How do you make a ghost that‘s 1,000 years old? How do you imagine the shape and form of a god? What actually IS a genie in a bottle and how do you portray it convincingly? One question is answered and another crops up - it‘s a never-ending process - but as you can see from this picture, the designers never seem to run out of ideas! By the way, here at Zuxxez we know who that is in the picture... but we can‘t let you in on it yet, sorry!
In "The Temptation", you'll come across Boss opponents during certain game phases – and they’re very much more dangerous than they used to be. He’ll confront you during the Main Quest. Tremendously impressive on screen, this floating apparition possesses an enormous potential for magic – and he’s protected by powerful armor. A sword and a basic knowledge of magic won't be enough to defeat this opponent - but look on the bright side! When you do finally get to meet this Boss, you should have gained enough experience already to fight him man-to-man - sorry, Boss to Hero… (some hope, heh-heh!!)
monster insect Crusher
I know you‘re all familiar with monster insects in Antaloor - there‘s the Trachidis, for example - but you‘ll find out for yourselves in „The Temptation“ that the Trachidis species has continued toevolve: and this latest member of the family is a blend of ant and fly. Naturally, this one‘s an awful lot bigger than our tiny insect friends from which it originates. The highlydeveloped wings of the Trachidis give it amazing maneuverability. Since its eyes are really underdeveloped, it has to rely almost 100%  n its  emaining senses, smell and hearing – and that could be a possible advantage for its opponents – an advantage which might mean the difference between victory and defeat in combat Get outta my way - or say byebye... and it might be wise to do just that if you see this thing on your travels, my friends!! It‘s called the „Crusher“ - and I can guarantee you all that it‘s gonna be one of the most dangerous creatures in “The Temptation”... it possesses immense strength... AND you can‘t just run away to escape it like you can do with a Golem or an Oger... because it also happens to be lightning-fast.
Tripod Perforator
The developers have given the Tripod some new animated graphics! This insect-like creature can now run sideways like a crab and hunker down then spring forward like a jumping spider – it can also shoot out its unnaturally large tongue, covering its opponent with poison - so if your armour isn‘t up to much, it might be healthier to avoid the shore where they‘re often to be found in groups. There‘s a new monster afoot in the underground worlds of Antaloor - it‘s been temporarily named the „Perforator“... and it definitely lives up to its name! Its claws are razorsharp and when they close they interlock - like a deadly acupuncture! Just imagine being in the clawed clutches of the Perforator... and those claws are carrying you to its gaping maw, where it has nasty fangs just slavering to take huge bites out of your tender hero‘s body… ugh! Definitely NOT a nice thought!
Clawed monster Zombie
Our earlier editions of the AP have shown you that the animal world in „The Temptation“ is much more extensive and fantastic than before - and our new beast is no less imposing! Freshly hatched from the virtual breeding lair of Reality Pump, this clawed monster lives mainly in the forest and woods - and if you‘re an inexperienced hero who happens to come across it... well... in a! Still-nameless, the beast wields its enormous, crablike claws in roughly the same way that the Giant wields his cudgel - brutally! So avoid close combat at all costs!
We proudly announce yet another sweet and kind addition to the Bestiarium of „The Temptation”! Even if it does seem to be on its last legs... all you adventurers out there will be well advised not to underestimate this monster - if you value your virtual lives, that is! Watch the right arm, it’s packed with steely muscles and has a hugely-clawed hand at the end of it. And that‘s not all – thanks to its tentacles, this monster has rudimentary flight! So if you come across it, ask yourself… what’s it gonna do next?
Sandworms Dead Knight
The crew in Krakau has already proved that their collective imagination knows no limits as far as development and graphics are concerned - and their innovative ideas and fantasy-packed conceptual sketches are much-needed too, because „The Temptation“ has more than twice as many monsters to keep the hero on his toes. This week‘s artwork shows one of these monsters - a cute little thing, huh? OK, the sandworms á la Antaloor aren‘t as big as their relatives from Dune - but with their huge, hungry jaws and their spine-covered snaky bodies, any simple discovery trip to the dungeons will become a hair-raising adventure for your hero! _ couple of days ago, I
In the last issue, I told you all about a new version (and not just graphical) of the Dead Knights. Undead combat is even more deadly in “The Temptation” than it was in “Two Worlds”. These eternallydamned warriors are mainly to be found in the Swamp region - armed with huge axes and curved sabers, they‘ll stand in your way when you‘re trying to reach the Swamp Witch...

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