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Written by Cyrcle   
Thursday, 17 December 2009

We have revised the appearance of our site because of the approaching release date of Two Worlds II

In Antaloors spirited in new regions into the marshlands, eleven country and the region of islands. Powerful beings expect us as soon as we meet the new challenges. Therefore the Dragon Queen is keeping watch over our site, inaccessible in her beauty now.  Raisedly and mysteriously she waits in her sanctuary, protected by a powerful orc magician.

Allies or opponent? We will have to seek the answers in the veils which lie over the new Antaloor. A small part of the knowledge comes from time to time. The Antaloor post then has revealed a tiny secret to us again. But it only some are revealed to stir the curiosity up, then where the tension remains, if everything is revealed already prior to the release date